Sauk Rapids Wellness & Good Living Hub Releases Digital Body & Health Magazine

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota-based SunRay Enterprises LLC., a holistic wellness company released its latest edition of Flourish Magazine, a guide to conscious living. Focusing on the benefits of using herbs and spices in meals and the newly found vitamin Y, this month's edition is an eye-opener.

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota-based SunRay Enterprises LLC., a health and wellness company that runs Flourish Post has released its latest copy of Flourish Magazine. Flourish Post is a website that publishes articles, videos and interviews with holistic wellness experts on living life healthy, This magazine, available in digital format, focuses on conscious living.

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When lifestyle choices make everyday living difficult many wise people choose to change that lifestyle for the better by focusing on conscious living, Flourish Magazine, published by SunRay Enterprises aims to raise awareness of various wellness practices and techniques that lead to self-enrichment.

The latest issue of Flourish Magazine is jam-packed with healthy eating practices, including the benefits of using herbs and spices in cooking and a delicious Moroccan Chicken recipe. Plus, it looks at how the newly discovered vitamin Y can help to reduce stress and restore balance to life.

With articles written by research specialists and doctors, Flourish Magazine takes healthy living to the next level. The magazine is available in iPhone and iPad format, as well as Android, making it readable anytime anywhere. Plus, this magazine is available as an individual copy or via subscription.

Empowering readers to make informed decisions, SunRay Enterprises aims to encourage better lifestyle choices, which enable readers to live more fulfilling and enjoyable lives. With a holistic approach, SunRay is mind, body and also spirit-centric.

When asked about his contribution to the latest edition, Joseph Rau said, “Many experts, doctors, nutritionists and researchers in the field of nutrition science believe that a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats increases health. Add a variety of herbs and spices to any dish, and this can help to boost the quality of life.”

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