Saskatoon RV Lots Provide an Ideal Escape From Rising Interest Rates

For Saskatchewan residents hoping to avoid the crunch of rising interest rates, RV Saskatoon offers options. More information can be found at:

As the Bank of Canada hikes interest rates, Saskatchewan residents are beginning to seek out more affordable living alternatives, trading in square footage for financial freedom. In addition to the tiny house trend storming the nation, one option that has gained traction in recent years is the idea of RV living, which entails permanently downsizing to a recreational vehicle.

Regarding the movement of downsizing to escape the hit of interest hikes, Andrew Machnee, a Saskatoon developer tells ckom, “There’s going to be a big movement of people who want to spend their life living, rather than paying down a huge mortgage they can’t afford.” And many would argue there is no better way to live life to the fullest than to live it in an RV.

While the RV Saskatoon lifestyle may be an appealing option to those seeking affordable accommodations, those seeking to permanently live on wheels must be aware of whether their new lifestyle complies with provincial and federal laws in Canada. Most commonly, these issues revolve around the lack of a permanent address for governmental purposes like driver’s licensing and taxes – for example, the Saskatchewan Government Insurance corporation (SGI) requires that an applicant “own, rent, or lease an accommodation in Saskatchewan where they normally reside, or reside with an immediate family member who is a Saskatchewan resident.” The freewheeling ethos of RV living does not typically account for these legal restrictions.

The best way for interested parties to move to the RV lifestyle while ensuring they live within the law is to consider the lot or land-lease model. In this model, the RV driver would purchase or lease a plot of land upon which to park their RV; this would then serve as the individual’s permanent address. There are any number of sites in Saskatchewan that cater exactly to this purpose, including Lakeside RV lots, and Prairie’s Edge just north of Saskatoon.

The final necessary piece of Saskatoon RV living is just that: an RV. Fortunately, there are many local dealers eager to help consumers get a great deal on their new home. Family-owned dealerships like Lardners Trailer Sales in Saskatoon are eager to help Canadians discover the benefits of RV living. On the website Kelly Lardners, owner of Lardners Trailer Sales, says that many of her employees are RVers, and notes that “if [they] don’t have what someone is looking for, [they] also understand that no amount of badgering will make it the right RV for you.”

To learn more about the RV Saskatoon lifestyle and the options available to families interested in downsizing to a recreational vehicle, people may visit Lardners online at

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