Saskatchewan Used Travel Trailer Experts Note Maintenance Is Key

Used travel trailers require extra maintenance heading into the fall season. Learn more at or visit in-person at 3630 Idylwyld Dr N., Saskatoon, SK, S7L 6G3.

As the summer weather fades into the crisp air of fall, RV dealerships have begun offering their Fall service specials and reminding their customers of the annual maintenance that should be performed on their recreational vehicles. This is most important for used travel trailers, of course, since their age often means that they need be watched more closely to ensure they adhere to current safety standards. Experts note that tires that are balding or have worn treads can be incredibly dangerous as the temperature drops, as the potential for a blowout or hydroplane increases.

Local Saskatoon RV dealership Lardners Trailer Sales, an expert in the field, notes that families planning on enjoying their used travel trailers into the fall season should begin scheduling their maintenance now. An option for people with used travel trailers is looking into purchasing all new tires, in addition to the regular maintenance and service that should be performed on the vehicles. And, notes the dealership, even if individuals are not planning on utilizing their RV in September and beyond, they should still be in touch with their local dealership at this point in the year in order to schedule their winterization. This will help ensure that their recreational vehicle does not sustain any weather-related damage to its exterior or mechanical function as a result of the cold winter temperatures.

The technicians at Lardners leave consumers with some valuable advice: “checking the tread depth and air pressure, and looking for any leaks in trailer or RV tires before using them in the colder months or storing them away ensures that next year’s camping adventures will be able to go off without a hitch”. This is especially true, as they mentioned, for used travel trailers; with the proper maintenance, trailer and RV tires can last and perform well for many years.

To learn more about RV maintenance or the used travel trailers sold by Lardners Trailer Sales, visit or stop by in person at 3630 Idylwyld Dr N., Saskatoon, SK, S7L 6G3.

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