Saratoga CA Herniated Disc Treatment Spine Injury Pain Relief Services Launched

Spine And Injury Center recently updated its range of non-invasive and non-surgical herniated disc treatments for patients in Saratoga, San Jose, and the surrounding area.

Spine And Injury Center, a chiropractic care center in San Jose, California, announced the launch of an updated range of herniated disc treatments. The practice provides non-invasive pain relief solutions to patients in Saratoga and the surrounding areas.

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The newly launched range of herniated disc treatments at Spine And Injury Center aims to help patients speed their recovery and improve their spinal health.

A herniated or bulging disc can cause significant pain and decreased mobility. Common symptoms of a herniated disc include back and neck pain, joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, numbness in an upper or lower extremity, and arm or leg weakness.

The team at Spine And Injury Center are experts in the treatment for herniated discs. They offer holistic, non-invasive treatments for patients with bulging and herniated discs.

The Spine And Injury Center can treat the patient’s entire spine and provide self-care direction, exercise and nutritional recommendations so that patients can continue to progress and live pain free.

Dr Bradley Mouroux and his team will evaluate each patient’s condition and provide a customized treatment plan to help relieve their spinal pain and strengthen the spine. During the treatment, they will align the vertebrae properly, allowing the muscles in the back to begin to support the vertebrae and the injury to heal.

Dr Mouroux recently changed his practice name from Mouroux Chiropractic to Spine And Injury Center San Jose. He is an experienced chiropractor who can offer a comprehensive range of treatment options including physical therapy, massage therapy, spinal decompression, and many more.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr Mouroux took time to thoroughly assess my condition and was able to accurately address my lower back and sciatica pain. He is detail oriented and only treats when there is a reason to. Dr Mouroux is as genuine and honest as they come and finds the root cause of what is going on.”

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