Sapio unveil their updated version of LIMS ELN software

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Sapio Sciences talk about latest version of their LIMS ELN software and how the platform could benefit lab inventory management industry

Sapio Sciences recently spoke up about the recent update to their LIMS ELN software and how it goes beyond the traditional lab management software that the industry is accustomed to. Modern labs consider processes and data to be an asset and under this scenario, labs should be able to configure complex workflows and chain them together.

For example, within a lab workflow it is critical to make use of automation whether this is from a physical processing standpoint to the LIMS integration with robotics. Looking ahead into the future, scalability is going to be critical. Data volumes are almost certainly going to increase over time, not decrease.

In this instance, scalability is essential within lab management software. This is due to the need to be able to cope with the increased data volumes and data points as a lab begins to scale. All of this data needs to be able to be loaded in a timely fashion, without affecting system performance.

Sapio Sciences developed their LIMS system so that there is no limit on what type of process can be tracked, thanks to the versatility of Exemplar which can adapt to any lab process. Exemplar also provides agility in full force, through simple and easy configuration for allowing processes to collect this key information.

Exemplar LIMS software has been built on the industries best informatics platform. This platform includes an integrated LIMS system, Electronic Lab Notebook and Scientific Data Management. This platform allows all data to be accessed cross-system and can be visualized and analyzed with their integrated data warehouse.

Exemplar supports bio and chem aware searching, as well as allowing both structured and unstructured data searching. This allows lab technicians to easily find similar compounds, sequences, protein and HELM structures all from a single search function.

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