Sapio Sciences Unveil Further Information About Their LIMS Software

Sapio Sciences reveal more in-depth information about their Laboratory Management System Software which potential interested users can now book a demo of over at their website

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) enables users to efficiently monitor the flow of samples and related data in order to increase lab performance.

Sapio Sciences recently spoke up more about their laboratory management system software and the features it has. Exemplar LIMS is a system that can be used to track users’ workflow in an easy to manage, step-by-step process. For those who aren’t aware, Exemplar is a complete Lab Management Systems solution for managing requests, samples, processes and instrument Data

Laboratory management system software aids in the standardisation of workflows, assessments, and procedures while also providing reliable process controls.

Instruments may be incorporated into the LIMS to automate data collection while ensuring that they are correctly configured and only worked by qualified personnel.

Today’s laboratories produce massive quantities of useful data. The management and optimisation of a laboratory requires tracking samples and related test data through the laboratory, then using the data to produce certificates of analysis, management reports, and other information-based insights.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have been developed to handle laboratory workflow, coordinate data effectively, and help the laboratory industry. They can also drive and endorse regulatory and norm enforcement.

Another benefit of Exemplar LIMS software is that it enables easy sample registration of any possible entity types as well as tracking all of a lab’s inventory materials.

Exemplar LIMS ELN is an SDMS, which automatically captures and parses Instrument data into structured data. Sapios software is also fully compliant and designed to be a complete clinical lab management operational platform for its users.

With their LIMS configurable technology and workflow templates, projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard Lab Management Software projects.

For more information about Sapio Sciences or the software solutions they have to offer, see the following link:

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