Sapio Sciences Talk About Their Digital Lab Notebook Software’s Features

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Sapio Sciences Talk About Their Digital Lab Notebook Software’s Features and the benefits they may have for laboratories who make use of them

In the modern age of technology, it’s no surprise that many people are swapping out the traditional by hand methods of note keeping for a more technical approach.

Digital lab notebooks are becoming increasingly popular amongst researchers and students alike, boasting many advantages.

Sapio Sciences have today revealed more information about their digital lab notebook. Their Seamless informatics platform was built with the goal of enabling transformation from a traditional lab, to a digital laboratory.

The seamless platform they have to offer their clients includes not only Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software, but also a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) too.

What this means for users is that all of these features can be utilised together, or users can simply opt to only use the LIMS software component or the other components on their own.

With Exemplar’s Laboratory Management System, you can easily configure new workflows via drag and drop. Users can also graphically design and track complex workflow to workflow processes.

Scientists can, with minimal training, use Exemplar’s Science Aware Digital Lab Notebook software to track their experiments and collaborate with their colleagues.

Data analysts can mine terabytes of collected data by performing SQL-free queries, visualize/export the results and analyze them. All of this is in real time with interactive, integrated analytics.

While any of these components can be used standalone, the full power of the digital lab comes with utilizing all three systems in parallel.

This conveys immense benefits in having a single repository with unified data and process. This benefit coupled with Exemplar’s powerful targeted searching tools means users R&D efforts will be accelerated for users.

For more information about Sapio Sciences’ services and any of the products they offer, whether it be their LIMS software, their SDMS platform or their ELN. See the following link:

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