Sapio Sciences’ Sapio LIMS Is the Perfect Option for a Healthcare CRM

Sapio Sciences explains exactly how their Sapio LIMS solution Is the Perfect Option for a Healthcare CRM

When it comes to healthcare CRM solutions, it’s best to choose one that enables the delivery of dynamic and highly personalized content that targets populations, as well as provide automatic lead assignment and management of the entire client pipeline.

Many more clinical labs are beginning to notice that most CRM solutions available on the market do not address some of the unique needs of clinical lab sales, marketing, and client service groups. Except for Sapio Sciences, which provides a healthcare CRM solution like no other.

Sapio Sciences CRM features the usual functionality of a CRM as well as solutions that are tailored to the needs of clinical labs both big and small.

All organisations, including hospitals, clinics, physicians, patients, test orders, and more, are properly tracked in Sapio’s healthcare-focused CRM. Sapio’s Healthcare CRM provides entire operational assistance from marketing to sales to order processing to report development and delivery, thanks to its integrated and sophisticated physician portal and client services capabilities.

Sapio’s LIMS System has been a leading clinical lab management system for over a decade and is used to handle all lab processing information at big, high-volume clinical laboratories. Sapio helps you to get up and running quickly while meeting compliance standards, from sample input through step-by-step recording of critical processing details.

When utilised in conjunction with the clinical order management system, the flow from order reception through accessioning to the LIMS with assigned work is fluid and efficient, guaranteeing the shortest possible turnaround times. Sapio CRM can integrate with any LIMS system, so if you already have one, Sapio can work with it. However, integration with Sapio Clinical LIMS is a ready-to-go solution that combines two premier solutions from the same vendor, lowering costs and delays.

Interested parties are invited to check out Sapio Sciences’ website, where they can read more about the company and its products, or even schedule a demonstration of their CRM for Healthcare:

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