Sapio Sciences Releases Information About CRM in Healthcare

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Sapio Sciences has revealed more information regarding its customer relationship management system which is specifically tailored for healthcare systems

As part of its recent service announcement, Sapio Sciences has come out to talk about CRM in healthcare. Clinical labs have their own unique requirements, and typically, a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system healthcare solution is one that a) allows the user to deliver highly personalized and dynamic content to targeted populations; b) features helpful automation features, such as lead assignment; c) automatically provides a “best next action” suggestion to sales reps; and d) provides patient reporting creation and delivery.

Sapio also mentions how its platform is different from other solutions on the market. Unlike its competitors, Sapio offers client services management like no other. Sapio’s healthcare Customer Relationship Management system tracks absolutely everything, from accessioning and order transcription to reporting creation and delivery. Sapio’s healthcare Customer Relationship Management platform allows physicians to make better use of testing.

One of the main reasons that Sapio’s healthcare Customer Relationship Management system is better than others is that most CRMs don’t address the unique needs and challenges presented in clinical lab sales, marketing, and client service groups. Clinical labs are now beginning to realize this fact.

Sapio Sciences provides a Customer Relationship Management system that not only offers the traditional features and tools you’d expect from a CRM system—such as campaign, lead, and opp management—but it also offers an array of other benefits that make its CRM stand out above the rest.

With Sapio’s healthcare-focused Customer Relationship Management system, users can track all organizations like hospitals and clinics, as well as physicians, patients, and test orders. With its integrated physician portal and client services, Sapio’s healthcare Customer Relationship Management system provides complete operational support: from marketing to sales to order processing to reporting, and finally, to delivery.

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