Sapio Sciences Releases Biotechnology Lab Management Software

Sapio Sciences Releases Biotechnology Lab Management Software Read On to Find Out More

Sapio Sciences has provided further information about its biotechnology lab management software and discussed the factors to consider when deciding which software to use. To begin, they discussed how biotechs (particularly young biotechs) are a greenfield that can avoid the mistakes made by large pharma since they lack legacy systems and data, which enables them to take a fresh approach to digitizing their company.

Lab managers at biotech businesses considering biotech LIMS solutions for their laboratories should seek a LIMS system that includes sample management and inventory management capabilities, since these two characteristics alone enable better administration than Excel or even paper. These two characteristics alone increase researchers’ ability to identify items and the general quality of lab operations. But where they fall short is when it comes to digitally converting and simplifying the lab.

To fully digitize the laboratory, lab managers must adopt a strategic approach to their life sciences business information technology infrastructure, addressing not only lab management demands, but also the electronic lab notebook (ELN) requirements of the scientists. Numerous similar data tracking requirements exist between the ELN and LIMS systems, making their consolidation into a unified repository the natural choice for simplifying the lab, which Sapio’s biotechnology lab management software can handle.

LIMS and ELN together will benefit a lab immensely if they’re in a unified platform from an implementation aspect. And if the platform includes analytics, it can also provide valuable insights to any data that has been collected by the platform, such as surve fits and machine learning.

In short, a biotech should evaluate and purchase not only a combined life sciences LIMS and ELN, but it should also ensure that both are built on a science-aware, informatics, low-code, no-code platform.

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