Sapio Sciences outshine competition with their lab management software

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Sapio Sciences outshine competition with their lab management software and how their platform is better than the competition out there

There are many labs today who still make use of spreadsheets, or even just truly outdated software in order to manage their labs. They rely on this outdated technology to perform tracking samples and other data and this can become unnecessarily complex.

Sapio Sciences stated that the use of these outdated methods can be tougher to manage than it may seem, through poorer traceability, searching abilities and other key efficiency features such as instrument automation. What this does is decrease the efficiency of a lab and can cause proper data delivery and reporting issues further down the line.

Most modern digital labs now require easy configuration for the collection of their key information. With Exemplar, users have the ability to do this and more through their industry-best, cross-system and targeted searching. This search feature makes important information easily accessible across the entire platform.

One unique feature that Sapio Sciences Exemplar software has is that it includes a built-in charting feature which allows users to take any search result and visualize it immediately within their lab management system. Exemplar also tracks turnaround time metrics for simply searching for how a lab performs over time.

In addition to having its own configurable workflow engine, Exemplar LIMS software is one of the few solutions available within the industry that offers real-time collaboration. Working with multiple lab technicians can get messy, Exemplar allows technicians to work concurrently on the same workflow.

Another unique point to Exemplar that beats its competitors LIMS solutions is the real-time data updates. As another person makes changes or updates the data, it updates for all users on the workflow or data being viewed. Changes are reflected immediately, without the need to refresh.

Exemplar is therefore the only system on the market that ensures labs are always seeing current data whether inside or outside a workflow process. To find out more about Sapio Sciences lab management software, view their website here:

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