Sapio Sciences Discusses New Sapio ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)

Sapio Sciences Discusses New Sapio ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook). Read On to Find Out More About Its Benefits

Sapio Sciences talks more about its electronic lab notebook (ELN) and how it is the single solution for every researcher’s ELN needs. Sapio mentions how ELN software is not adopted by some scientists who consider the software too difficult to learn. However, Sapio ELN has been designed so scientists can transition almost immediately and begin to create and record their experiment details with minimum-to-no training. The ELN also works within all modern browsers, eliminating the need for extensive downloads or installations.

Only Sapio Sciences’ ELN allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on the same experiment without interruption. More so, the original author of a lab notebook experiment can designate other scientists to collaborate with them. Collaboration allows for writing notes, adding and loading new data, editing existing content, and more all within real-time.

Sapio’s laboratory notebook software supports integrated chat and comprehensive conversation threads. Sapio ELN notebooks also offer real-time, interactive, collaborative ideation sessions in which ideas may be collected and lab notebook experiment assignments can be issued based on the agreed-upon ideas.

The vast amounts of data collected by scientists are most likely not being collected by the user’s company. Sapio lab notebook software solves this issue by providing the most robust data collection and searching features available in the LIMS ELN software market. To improve research and discovery efforts, any organised and unstructured data stored in notebooks is readily available through advanced search functionality.

Sapio has combined over a decade of SDMS, LIMS software, and ELN knowledge into a single solution. As such, its electronic laboratory notebook software may save users money while also meeting their demands—whether it’s for tracking the day-to-day experimental activity of research scientists or managing the processing of samples by lab personnel.

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