Sapio Sciences Discuss What is a LIMS and the Purpose of LIMS Software

Sapio Sciences talk about LIMS and the purpose of the software used within that category for the management and visualisation of lab specific data

Those of us who aren’t attune with the tools of the lab management trade may be left discombobulated at the acronym LIMS, or even ELN for that matter.

What is a LIMS? What is an ELN?

These are questions that readers will have answered today by Sapio Sciences, who shed some light on the meaning of the terms and what LIMS software’s purpose in the world is.

LIMS is an acronym which stands for Laboratory Information Management System and putting it simply, any software that manages data and information that is produced or digested in a lab will fall under this category, usually.

However if that were the case and this definition were actually accurate, even simple software such as Microsoft Excel could be considered a LIMS! While there are many different labs out there using Excel to track information within a laboratory environment, it certainly isn’t a LIMS.

So, this definition needs a bit more weight to it in order to exclude software such as MS Excel from qualifying as a LIMS.

Perhaps, saying something along the lines of: “A LIMS is any piece of software that is used in order to manage the data and information produced or digested in a lab, and includes support for many other laboratory-specific demands.” is a more fitting description.

However this description still wouldn’t cut it for describing Exemplar LIMS, as Exemplar LIMS goes beyond that of ordinary LIMS by being a general data management solution with high affinity for laboratory environments.

Nowadays, laboratories produce large quantities of useful data. In managing and maximizing the laboratory and the company it serves, it is important to track samples and related test results through the laboratory and use that data to produce certificates of analysis, management reports and other information-based insights.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have been developed to handle the laboratory workflow, accurately coordinate the data and sustain the laboratory’s business. Furthermore, they will drive and encourage conformity with legislation and requirements.

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