Sapio Sciences Discuss SaaS LIMS Software Solutions Made Available Now

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Sapio Sciences discuss the latest edition of SaaS LIMS software solutions that they have on offers over on their website. Read the article for more information

Today we have a submission from Sapio Sciences who are here to discuss the benefits of SaaS LIMS software and how it may be able to benefit organizations on a global scale. For the readers who aren’t already aware, LIMS stands for Laboratory Inventory Management System which is a piece of software that will be discussed more in this article.

LIMS operates as an advanced workflow processing center, whether a laboratory is doing PCR, genomics, proteomics, protein engineering, medicinal chemistry, sequencing, or other lab experiments/tests. When the sample arrives at the laboratory, these workflows start and proceed as the sample is processed in one or more laboratory experiments. However, the job typically does not end when the sample is accessed and put in a freezer. In fact, that is just the beginning of an overarching process involving tracking of bench protocols, tracking of materials, integration of instruments, analysis of data, and delivery of results. the laboratory management system in use should be able to be easily configured to meet all these requirements on the scale.

It’s never before been easier to configure processes with Exemplar to collect key data easily. Exemplar then allows industry-best, cross-system, targeted search to allow easy access to critical data. Exemplar’s LIMS in SaaS is also unique in that it includes built-in graphics so that a user can take any search result and visualize it inside of a lab management system immediately. Exemplar also measures all measurements of turnaround time so that users can quickly search and simulate how a laboratory performs over time.

In addition to its configurable workflow engine, Exemplar LIMS software is the only solution that offers real-time collaboration. When working through a lab workflow any number of lab technicians can be working concurrently on the same workflow. Each one can be editing and recording important information without other lab technicians having to exit the workflow. Also unique to Exemplar LIMS System is that it has real-time data updates, so as others make updates to the workflow or data that is being viewed, the system will reflect those changes immediately without having to refresh the view. Exemplar is therefore the only system on the market that ensures users are always seeing current data whether inside or outside a workflow process.

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