Sapio Discusses How Digital Lab Notebooks Facilitate and Accelerate Discovery

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Sapio Sciences today discusses how digital lab notebooks software facilitates and accelerates discoveries

We learned from Sapio Sciences today that lab notebooks and electronic standards are no longer a viable solution when it comes to lab management. Among laboratories’ most valuable assets are their data and processes, and in the absence of a digital lab, these assets cannot be used to facilitate and accelerate discovery.

If researchers and organisations fail to adopt a digital lab, their competitors may well outmanoeuvre them and uncover important discoveries buried in the data they have already generated.

Sapio’s Seamless Informatics platform allows organisations to easily switch to a digital lab. Besides a world-class LIMS, the Seamless Informatics platform includes electronic lab notebook (ELN) software and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS).

These features can be used together or separately, e.g., just the LIMS software component or the Digital Lab Notebook. Exemplar’s Laboratory Management System allows labs to design complex workflows graphically and implement them easily via drag-and-drop.

In addition to tracking experiments and collaborating with colleagues, Exemplar’s Science Aware Digital Lab Notebook software can be used by scientists with little training. By performing SQL-free queries on terabytes of collected data, analysts can visualize/export the results and analyze them in real time with interactive, integrated analytics.

Despite the fact that any of these components can be used alone, the full power of the digital lab comes from using all three systems simultaneously. There are immense benefits to having a single repository containing unified data and processes.

If users combine Exemplar’s powerful searching capabilities with its integration capabilities, or BIO and CHEM-aware Digital Laboratory Notebooks, then all of their R&D efforts will be accelerated.

Security, accuracy, and reproducibility of the work are greatly enhanced by the technology. Using an electronic laboratory notebook lets users organize their data in a more readable format while improving their record-keeping. Through the searchability and integrity of the data, labs can save a great deal of time.

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