“SAP Hana System Monitoring Shouldn’t be Complicated” Says SAP Company Avantra

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SAP Hana System Monitoring tools shouldn’t be overly complicated to set up. Avantra discussed the key features and benefits to using a SAP HANA system monitoring set-up.

Today, global IT operations provider Avantra released more information about their SAP HANA System Monitoring tool and how it shouldn’t be as complicated as everyone believes it to be to set up. Big, complicated and costly SAP ecosystems can be incredibly unmanaged. Long-term version and handbook dependencies are normal, ensuring bugs and vast quantities of systems are very difficult to assess where resources can be prioritised and the SAP landscape monitored properly.

Every day, conventional SAP management applications (such as Solution Manager, CCMS or IT APM tools) send out thousands of warnings, the bulk of which are not recognised. Institutional expertise continues as talent transfers to new positions and new operation personnel are time intensive and costly to embark on. SAP monitoring solutions help teams to increase the quality and success of SAP management to keep it consistent and to force teams to concentrate on priority tasks.

SAP is an independent beast. In contrast to other applications, the underlying technological architecture is very special. The SAP ecosystem of an entity is always composed of many landscapes, all of which are similarly connected with a handful of structures and databases. Standard APM, EUM or RUM resources are not the solution for SAP professional bases teams.

To say the least, when it comes to setting up, it can be difficult to set up SAP tracking. In several instances, an IT department has undergone a surveillance kit throughout an organisation for many months and even years. Monitoring technologies may include specialised software models, more specific installations and configurations depending on the components in the production chain. It is often time intensive to use these software for everyday operations. The most basic things are yet to be performed by individuals with a day-to-day checklist. This causes IT practitioners to respond continuously, which is often less successful than constructive and preventive action in the long run.

For more information about Avantra’s SAP HANA System Monitoring tool or any of their other services and software available, see here: https://www.avantra.com

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