Santa Monica CA Immune System Support Vitamin C Health Program Launched

Dr Robert Nettles, a leading medical inventor, has opened a new clinic in Santa Monica CA focusing precision health optimization including immunity boosts, weight loss & skin rejuvenation.

Dr Robert Nettles, a leading medical inventor who has developed a revolutionary hair regrowth program, lash growth products and scar healing gel, has launched a new precision health optimization facility in Santa Monica, CA.

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The newly launched health clinic is designed to improve the quality of life for patients through precision medicine. It is aimed at patients within the local community who want to fight the signs of ageing both internally and externally and want to boost their immune system.

Services include hormone therapy, hair loss reversal and B12 injections. The skin rejuvenation treatments range from Botox to acne treatment and facial collagenesis. In addition, weight loss options are available regardless of whether the patient requires a long-term plan, coaching, support or nutrition education.

Most recently, an immunity boosting service has been added to help patients that may be at risk of contracting coronavirus. It includes a complex mix of vitamins including C and B-Complex designed to aid immunity and ensure the body’s natural defenses are high.

Dr Robert Nettles is a follower of the teachings of the late Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes and considered to be the ‘Father of Vitamin C.’ Pauling was noted for his work in nutritional biochemistry and using food as medicine.

At Robert Nettles, M.D., the expert team pride themselves on providing a high level of care to all patients, while utilizing innovative medical approaches that provide tangible results and education.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “At Robert Nettles, M.D., the ethos is to apply precision medicine to patients to improve the quality of their lives. We can’t stop the ageing process but what we can do is provide treatments that help and support patients when they need it most.”

They continued, “We invite the community of Santa Monica to reach out and discover how we can support them during times of need. Whether they’re in good health or need an immunity boost, we have something that works for everyone.”

To find out more about the full range of precision medical treatments available, including the new immunity boosting vitamin program, interested parties are invited to visit the website address provided above.

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