Santa Fe NM Hypnotherapy Anxiety Specialist Online Service for Professionals

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An updated hypnotherapy service has been launched by Heart Wisdom Process for professionals in Santa Fe, New Mexico, looking for an effective solution to release pain and stress and find meaning in life.

Heart Wisdom Process has announced an updated range of services for successful professionals and business owners dealing with anxiety, high stress, and burnout. These individuals are dealing with a phenomenon called “high functioning anxiety and depression.” Although they have professional success, they are unhappy, miserable, and unfulfilled with life.

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With the expanded service, Heart Wisdom Process seeks to enable people to embark on an optimistic, positive approach to life by helping them discover the initial causes of their problems. The expert hypnotherapists use an ancient Eastern practice focused on addressing unprocessed emotions and traumatic past experiences, combining it with proprietary energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, and self-healing methods.

Heart Wisdom Process, led by life coach Sevinc Chelebi, offers hypnotherapy as an alternative to psychotherapy and marriage counseling that sometimes may take years to deliver results. The launch of the guided holistic sessions comes to respond to the high demand for successful practices that can help individuals coping with stress or depression, or those feeling overwhelmed with busy schedules, to reconnect with their own path and feel complete again.

The program developed by Heart Wisdom Process is centered around the concept that people were born with pain triggers that cause unconscious tension in the body, and which, if left unaddressed, can lead to more severe conditions. The highly-trained hypnotherapists help individuals release trapped emotions and patterns, guiding the client throughout the entire process without forcing them to recall painful or disturbing memories.

The hypnotherapy sessions enable people to take control of their feelings and emotions, eliminate negative thoughts and cultivate self-awareness to tackle life’s challenges. The process can be complemented with various other holistic treatments, including Reiki, Theta, Psych-K, Tai Chi, Qigong, Somatic Healing, and other therapies.

A satisfied client said: “My Heart Wisdom Process experience has been profound, it has been a process of uncovering hidden truths, delving deep into the stories and old programming that has kept me running for years.”

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