Santa Clarita Pool Builder Lino Fiorella Offers Latest Swimming Pool Technology

Serenity Pools Inc.of Santa Clarita California Has Relaunched their Website. Owner, Lino Fiorella, found that people need to see what their completed swimming pools will look like on a computer screen. Plus it helps avoid making costly errors with ladders and diving boards.

Santa Clarita, California – Serenity Pools,Inc is a successful Santa Clarita swimming pool company that was created 20 years ago by Lino Fiorella, an experienced swimming pool designer.  Fiorella’s pool company offers software technology that allows customers to see what their swimming pools or spas will look like before the installation thanks to Advanced 3D software that he uses. And because Fiorella also offers hardscape and landscape designs, customers can better visualize his completed designs on a computer monitor.

Serenity Pools Inc. has found that the need for perfectly designed, multi-functional swimming pools for businesses or private properties has increased greatly in the past 10 years. However many homeowners have found that some swimming pool contractors will tell them one thing, but deliver something that looks completely different. This problem becomes especially important for those high-end clients who live in Beverly Hills or Encino, California.

“But improved technology is found in all the inground spas and innovative and appealing swimming pools that we install,” claims Fiorella. “Our goal is to bring joy to all swimmers – rich or poor.”

Fiorella also points out, “The 3D imaging software is a great technology for the Average Joe because it presents the way the swimming pool will look like with the diving board or slide too which allows customers to make any needed corrections before starting the pool’s installation”. Fiorella went on to say:

“However, we also use pebble-tec technology in all our swimming pools which lasts about twice as long as the older plaster pools. The lighting we recommend is the latest, energy-saving LED lighting which can save a homeowner thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the pool.”

Serenity Pools Company offers a special step-by-step system in the process of swimming pool and landscaping design that follows specific steps from A to Z. The company can also advise the homeowners about choosing the most aesthetically pleasing design that perfectly suits the living arrangements of the client. For this reason, both new and old swimming pool owners find the service that Serenity Pools Inc. provides offers them peace of mind because it not only allows them to correct designs flaws on time and saves their money, but they can see the various water attractions like waterfalls and slides and see where they should be installed. The experience of having the back yard dug up for a swimming pool becomes less stressful because the details have been approved by the client before beginning of its building.

Because of his innovative ideas and experience of over 20 years, Fiorella is also sought out for his landscaping and hardscape customers in Santa Clarita, California. Thus, he decided to revamp his website to help homeowners view some of his finished projects, connect with Facebook friends and help discover some of the secrets that make his work as a swimming pool designer so successful.

Finally, Lino Fiorella generously offers a free consultation to the homeowners who live in the  Los Angeles area and would like to ask him about a possible pool or spa design that will fit their home. Many customers are happy with the helpful swimming pool strategies in Santa Clarita that Fiorella uses to design and effectively and safely install the perfect swimming pool for them – wherever they live in Los Angeles.

Southern California citizens are welcome to visit the Serenity Pools, Inc. website at and take advantage of the free consultation that he offers.

About: Lino Fiorella is the owner of Serenity Pools Company Inc, which is based in Santa Clarita, Ca. He and his team work tirelessly to provide the homeowners in the Los Angeles region with the perfect swimming pool designs and installations.

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