Santa Clara CA Digital Marketing Influencer Branding Traffic Service Launched

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Californian marketing firm The Content Marketing Company has launched a new singular branding and advertising platform which allows prospective clients to boost consumer awareness in a competitive digital landscape and challenging market.

The Content Marketing Company, a Santa Clara based digital marketing agency, has launched a new high-quality web traffic service, HiQ Traffic. HiQ Traffic has become well established industry wide as an efficient and cost-effective digital branding and advertising service and is now part of Content Marketing’s new singular platform marketing strategy designed to help local companies build their name and online presence.

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This adoption of HiQ Traffic, a platform which is currently utilized by Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and political figures to grow their brand and customer profile, represents the synthesis of The Content Marketing Company’s broad digital strategies into one adaptive and user-friendly platform.

The announcement also coincides with the increased migration of businesses and customers online throughout 2020 and reflects the company’s desire to combat the negative effects of both Coronavirus and economic downturns through smart online branding choices.

In response to this rapidly changing marketplace and a challenging economic situation, the HiQ Traffic platform will ensure that The Content Marketing Company is better positioned to help local businesses attract and convert more leads.

Through their focus on targeted advertising, content marketing and brand visibility, as well as with their unmatched reach to over 400 internet sites and distribution channels, Content Marketing is driven to enhancing brand information and awareness for their clients.

Reflecting their knowledge of the changing market, The Content Marketing Company is also increasing brand recognition for their current and prospective clients by securing connections to some of the most prolific online influencers and by focusing on social media followings.

Offering a range of flexible packages and pricing, The Content Marketing Company is focused on creative, adaptive and locally focused strategies to meet the demands of a Covid-19 market and new remote business practices.

As a spokesperson for the company stated, in this difficult economic climate, local businesses can “get an unfair advantage over your competition with HiQ Traffic’s ability to provide you with high quality traffic fast”.

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.

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