Santa Ana CA Content Marketing Course Digital Reputation System Announced

Leading content marketing agency Ampifire updated its $100K ShoutOut system to provide new marketers in the Santa Ana, Irvine and Anaheim areas with an accessible content marketing system.

Ampifire announced a complete content marketing system for new marketers interested in providing local businesses in their areas with a high-quality online branding and reputation marketing solution. The $100K ShoutOut system features three simple steps that can help any marketer create a stable online income while offering a genuinely valuable marketing service based on high-authority multimedia content.

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The newly updated system is based on a unique combination of accessible software solutions and professional content writing. The result is a creative online marketing package that can be easily adapted to the needs of modern businesses across industries.

Recent figures show that over 90% of all US consumers have used the internet to find local businesses, products and services in their area. This makes online visibility crucial for overall business success, which in turn has led to a massive demand for effective online marketing.

The $100K ShoutOut system and Ampifire provide new marketers with complete access to a powerful content marketing system.

The combination is based on a concept called Omnipresence Marketing: using high-quality multimedia content to develop a powerful online presence across hundreds of authoritative online domains.

“AmpiFire is the world’s first content amplification engine that combines software automation, artificial intelligence with manual writing and optimization to create something quite unique and powerful”, explains the company. “AmpiFire is the type of software app that supercharges your marketing skills and allows you to automatically create, publish, distribute, repurpose and syndicate content across various traffic-distribution channels.”

Using Ampifire and the $100K ShoutOut requires no previous marketing skills, making it ideal for new marketers interested in an effective way to increase the success of their online campaigns.

The system can be easily implemented to promote local businesses in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim and other areas.

A single multimedia content marketing campaign results in over 400 high-quality digital assets centered around each client business. The system is ideal to get quality online exposure and engage the target audience through professional copywriting and content distribution strategies.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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