Sanitary Napkins With Graphene PH Balancing Product Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched covering Graphene and its uses for sanitary pads. It highlights how beneficial it can be when dealing with heavy flow and cramping.

FlowComfort have released a guide to new sanitary pad technology Graphene. The company offer this new technology in their Jewel range of sanitary products.

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FlowComfort have launched a new guide to Graphene technology in sanitary protection products. It explains that Nobel Prize winning material Graphene offers various health benefits when used in conjunction with sanitary towels.

The reports states that studies have shown that most sanitary products are created with chemical-filled recycled paper materials that may provide a harmful combination of bacteria and chemicals, leading causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Another problem with traditional pads is that they aren’t absorbent enough, allowing a back flow of blood from the pad when pressure is applied. This could introduce bacteria into the woman’s reproductive system.

Graphene technology helps to eliminate harmful bacteria when infused as a strip in a sanitary pad. It also has various other benefits including relieving abdominal cramps, balances body PH, helps keep away odor, helps fight fatigue, boosts metabolism and the immune system and moves heat away from the core.

The company have utilized this cutting-edge Graphene technology to produce a range of sanitary products designed for women’s needs. Jewel pads are ultra-thin and are comprised of eight layers of super-absorbent protection with secure wings to protect against leakages.

Their range covers all types of flow from lightweight panty liners through to super-heavy flow napkins. Women can also purchase these sanitary towels as part of a monthly subscription bundle. On this plan the customer will receive four packs of Jewel Sanitary Napkins.

A customer has said of her experience of Jewel Sanitary Napkins: “In the middle of June, I wore the Jewel panty liners before my cycle came on. My cycle came on July 12th and it lasted until July 15th for that month. Normally, my cycle lasts about 10 days! These pads are very comfortable and absorb very nicely. It also reduced my cramps!”

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