SanDiego CA Hobie Kayak 2020 Outback ProAngler Models Free Demo

A new Hobie kayak launch has been announced by Pure Watersports in Oceanside. As part of the new launch, San Diego customers can get a special offer and free demonstrations are available

Pure Watersports in Oceanside has launched a new range of Hobie Kayak 2020 Mirage Outback ProAngler models. Local customers can get in touch to try the new range out for free before they buy, and learn more about the cutting edge technology.

More information can be found at: San Diego Hobie Kayak 2020 Outback Pro Angler

Pure Watersports is the leading retailer for Hobie producers in Southern California, and prides itself on high quality service. Customers can now buy the latest model in the Outback ProAngler range, which offers the best kayak fishing on the market.

As part of the new product launch, a special offer is available for San Diego customers. Interested parties can get in touch at the Oceanside store, or by calling (760) 721-6195 to schedule a demo.

The new 2020 model is built to be a fully loaded fishing machine, designed with any fishing expedition in mind. This means that whether customers are kayaking on the ocean for gamefish or simply going out on their local fresh water lake, the Outback is a reliable solution.

Key features in the new launch include an extra wide deck, which makes it easier to spot fish. It is also powered by the Mirage Arc Drive with specially designed kick-up fins.

This ensures that customers can fine-tune their fishing experience with added control and precision. The new rudder system adds a second layer of steering power.

For customers looking for the best fishing kayaks in San Diego, Pure Watersports has over 20 models to choose from.

They state: “Looking to purchase a Hobie kayak in San Diego? Pure Watersports in Oceanside has Pedal, Paddle, Fishing and Inflatable Kayaks for sale. We help match your needs to the right choice. Free demos are available on all models every day. Looking to fish from your kayak? We can outfit your kayak for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It’s what we do.”

Full details of the new Outback launch can be found on the URL above.

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