San Mateo CA Sales Management Training – Executive Coaching Course Launched

The San Francisco Bay Area branch of Sandler Training (408-314-7395) has launched an expanded range of leadership and management training programs for sales leaders in San Mateo, Redwood City, Daly City, and surrounding areas.

As part of the recent launch, the firm is now offering complimentary 30-minute pipeline coaching sessions. Designed specifically for leaders, the introductory consultations will demonstrate four key questions that sales managers can use to identify shortcomings in their own organization.

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The new initiative forms part of broader revisions to the company’s leadership training programs. These have been revised to reflect many of the challenges faced by leaders in an uncertain economic climate. The programs focus on recruiting, mentoring, and motivating more successful sales teams.

The pandemic made many companies acutely aware of the need to maximize sales pipelines. Investing in the skills of salespeople remains central to such a strategy. However, in a rapidly evolving business climate, the ability of leaders to adapt and innovate has become more important than ever before.

Central to the new coaching sessions is helping business leaders understand and evaluate their sales pipelines. Participants are encouraged to view opportunities with a more critical eye, understanding those leads that should receive the most time and energy, and acting in a proactive manner to close deals.

Enhancements to the more in-depth courses expand on these abilities, demonstrating how sales cycles can be shortened, and closing percentages increased. In addition, leaders are taught how to recruit, mentor, and reinforce high-performing sales teams that are capable of working on their own initiative. The goal of the revised programs is to develop more flexible and resilient organizations.

About Sandler Training

Led by Jeff Borovitz, the SF Bay Area branch of Sandler Training combines almost 30 years of in-house sales experience with the globally successful training models designed by Sandler Training. Jeff works with companies of all sizes and has trained over 1,000 salespeople in his experience with 3 of the largest global training organizations.

According to Aberdeen Group Research, salespeople who have participated in Sandler Training programs are successful in closing more sales, at a greater rate, and with better profit margins than any other sales training program. Sandler is regularly voted one of the top 20 sales training providers by Training Industry Inc.

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