San Mateo Belmont Dog Walker Group Walking Off-Leash Excursions Service Launched

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A San Mateo, California and Bay Area dog daycare provide has announced it can provide local clients with affordable, fun walks and playtime for their dogs. Paws Dog Camp offers off-leash play and entertainment for dogs on an 8-acre piece of private land.

Paws Dog Camp, a San Mateo, California based dog walking company, has announced it can provide local clients with friendly, affordable and industry leading playtime excursions and daycare for dogs. Since 1999, the company has been loving and caring for clients’ pets and helping people to ensure their dog gets the exercise it needs.

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Paws Dog Camp owns a large, expansive piece of land, which is fenced and secure, making for an ideal place for dogs to get exercise and play. It is called “the Ranch”, and is an 8-acre exclusively owned site in Montara.

There is a secure, safe perimeter fence around the land to protect each dog while ensuring they have plenty of open space to run around in.

Anyone wanting to ensure their dog gets a good walk and fun playtime during the day can get in touch with Paws Dog Camp expecting high quality service. The team will collect clients’ dogs and transport them in an air conditioned van.

The team explains that it’s ideal to have an excursion like this at least twice every week. This helps to build a bond and ensure the dog is excited about their adventure, while also making sure it’s comfortable and enjoyable for them.

Paws Dog Camp is run by two Bay Area natives, and a certified animal technician and natural dog lover. The business started out with one-to-one dog walking, but due to popular demand the service had to expand.

The company states: “We set and maintain high expectations for our dog walking company. We strive to meet the growing needs of clients wanting regular, off the leash exercise for their pets in a spacious but fenced environment.”

They add: “We designed and run our dog day care near San Francisco with the well-being of your dog in mind. We are professional, accommodating and want to hear from you if you think we can help make a difference in your dog’s life.”

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