San Mateo Bay Area Eight Acres Off-Leash Walking Exercise Service Announced

An off-leash dog exercising service has been announced by Paws Dog Camp. The canine experts offers dog day care services at their eight acre facility for pet owners in the San Mateo Bay Area and the surrounding areas.

Paws Dog Camp have announced that they offer a range of dog walking and exercise services. The San Mateo based dog walkers offer eight acres of land for their clients pets to roam and have fun in.

For more information, please visit the website here:

Paws Dog Camp is a fully certified and insured dog walking business based in San Mateo, CA. The owner is a certified animal technician and a dog lover, which prompted her to expand her dog walking business into an even larger and more beautiful ranch for her canine clients.

Their dog walking facility is set within an eight acre piece of land where dogs can exercise and have fun off the lead in a safe and fenced in environment. Paws Dog Camp collects clients dogs in their air conditioned van before heading off for a day of fun and exercise, leaving pet owners with peace of mind that their dog is safe and cared for.

The canine experts regularly spray and mow their eight acres of land to ensure a healthy, tick-free pet camp. They also ensure that all dogs in their care have been vaccinated and are spayed for health and safety of the pets. Fresh drinking water is also in constant supply.

A customer has said of their experience when using Paws Dog Camp’s services: “We wouldn’t want to send our dog to a service that uses any number of staff. Our dog Chaka knows Trina and is friends with the other dogs in the pack. We’ve always appreciated the loving attention Trina takes with their dogs. It has created relationships that have enriched Chaka’s life. It’s why we’ve never considered using anyone else.”

Those wishing to find out more about San Mateo based Paws Dog Camp and their dog walking services, can visit the website on the link provided above. Alternatively they can also be contacted at 650-703-2162.

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