San Juan Capistrano Residential Drug/Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Expands

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South Shores Recovery (1-877-253-4673), located in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, has announced its expansion to 18 beds for individual detox and residential addiction treatment.

The newly expanded facilities of South Shores Recovery enable clients to better access popular features of their treatment programs that complement the one-on-one counseling sessions, such as surf therapy, which combines surf instruction with structured individual or group activities that promote psychological, physical, and social well-being.

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South Shores Recovery’s clients can now play billiards on full-sized pool tables between group therapy sessions, and also relax poolside or in hot tubs when their day is over. The luxurious new setting facilitates relaxation and peacefulness, helping to ease the recovery process. This is a key prerequisite to meaningful change, allowing people suffering from addiction to focus on their sobriety.

Drug abuse and addiction are estimated to cost the U.S. close to $700 billion annually in lost productivity and healthcare expenses. However, South Shores Recovery has observed firsthand that addiction can be managed over the long term with behavioral modification programs that properly plan for potential relapse with aftercare programs and alumni support measures.

While it is understood that the longer a client can remain in treatment, the better the outcome, the behavioral modification process can take time. Since insurance companies typically limit the duration of inpatient treatment, South Shores Recovery works to ensure that clients continue their recovery after leaving residential care, with an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient groups, and sober living facilities offered through care partners that share their vision and heartbeat.

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Clients at South Shores have access to individual psychiatric support, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yoga Therapy, meditation, and much more. Harp therapy is a perennial client favorite that will be fully available at the new facilities, and this calming practice helps achieve stress reduction and mood enhancement alongside a mindfulness practice. Music therapy is evidence-based and considered medically applicable to clients with a range of emotional issues that often arise in early sobriety.

South Shores Recovery is a residential treatment program where the foundation is laid for long-term success free of drugs and alcohol. The center uses a variety of techniques and resources to teach and guide people on how to break free from their addictions. The South Shores staff is equipped to handle the most difficult cases while maintaining a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all of its clients.

“For years our team has provided some of the best clinical services and community support in the industry,” said South Shores Recovery CEO Eric Botelho. “With a new 12-bed expansion in the San Juan Hills estate area, our accommodations for clients now fully align with our clinical and recovery community expertise to offer an even more exceptional treatment setting. Our team is eager for you and your loved ones to see the South Shores Recovery difference and begin your journey to recovery with us!”

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