San Jose Direct Mail Launches New Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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San Jose Direct Mail is centered around helping their clients grow their sales at an affordable price. They have helped over 1,200 businesses in Silicon Valley. They also offer free postcard samples on their website for potential clients. By: Sharan Kaur

In today’s marketing world, consumers are overwhelmed by the number of unread marketing emails in their inbox. Emails are easy to avoid and often overlooked. Without ever even opening an email, it is often deleted within seconds of receiving it. That is why direct mail marketing still gets the best response rates. The Association of National Advertisers found that direct mail has a response rate of 9%, while email marketing fell significantly lower at just 1%.

One direct mail marketing company believes that it can increase the 9% response rate to provide business owners with a high ROI. San Jose Direct Mail aims to fill the gaps in traditional direct mail marketing methods with its new direct mail marketing campaign.

“Business owners need direct mail marketing that gets them results. The overwhelming problem is their current results might not be tracked, their direct mail postcards might be poorly designed, and their message might not be calling customers to take action,” said Maneesh Reddy, founder of San Jose Direct Mail. “At San Jose Direct Mail, our focus is to build a high quality and low-cost direct mail campaign strategy to help companies grow their sales.”

San Jose Direct Mail has been in business since 2004 and has identified several reasons why business owners, small and large, fail to see results from their direct mail marketing campaigns. According to the direct mail company, the postcards are often forgettable and unattractive, too expensive, and have unclear marketing messages. These problems are common and lead to poor results and wasted marketing dollars. Unlike other direct mail marketing companies, San Jose Direct Mail provides high quality and low-cost direct mail campaigns. The direct mail company is focused on attracting more customers for their clients while saving them money.

The direct mail marketing company has put together a results-oriented direct mail marketing campaign for small and large businesses. The campaign includes everything from a clear marketing message to targeted mailing lists and results tracking services. Their revamped campaign includes a comprehensive set of features, all at an affordable price.

The San Jose Direct Mail website lists the following features as a part of their new direct mail marketing campaign:

Attractive Postcard Designs: A simple and impressive graphic design that adds value to your brand and gets customers to remember your business.

Engaging Marketing Message: A clear marketing message that is focused on getting potential customers to take action.

Targeted Mailing Lists: Our mailing lists are designed to bring you results and reduce costs. We’ll put together a mailing list that is specifically targeted to the type of customers you want, including by neighborhood, zip code and/or specific demographic filters (ex: ages of children, # of employees, business type, etc…)

Printing, Addressing & Mailing: High quality printing, addressing, and mailing all done for you. We’ll print the postcards, address them using your targeted list, and manage all the deliveries to the post office month after month. It’s like putting your direct mail marketing campaign on autopilot.

Tracking Results: Tracking results of your campaign is crucial to measuring the success and response rate. Track results using google analytics, new visits to your landing page, visits to your google my business profile, promotional offer codes, and we will even provide you a tracking phone number upon your request.

Low Pricing and No Hidden Fees: We believe in simple pricing with no surprises, which is why our pricing is lower than the competition. You’ll get one flat rate that includes everything (printing, mailing list, addressing, post office drop off and stamps). No design fee, no mailing list fee, no postage markup, no drop off fees, no setup charges. Just one flat rate.

To top off all these features, getting started with San Jose Direct Mail is as easy as one, two, three.

Give them a call at 408-410-3541. During this initial call, San Jose Direct Mail will learn about their client’s business and their direct mail campaign needs.

Next, San Jose Direct Mail begins to create a strategy and plan for the campaign. They will design a clear marketing message that focuses on encouraging customers to take action.

Lastly, all that is left to do is execute the plan and watch the results. San Jose Direct Mail regularly updates their clients with the current results from the campaign.

For more details and information, please visit or call 408-410-3541.

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