San Jose CA CBD Oil Drops For Insomnia Sleep Disorders and Stress Launched

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD in San Jose, CA has launched a line of Relax oil to help with sleep disorders, sleep apnea, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD, a Los Altos CA company devoted to providing a natural source of wellness to as many people as possible, launched a line of oil drops called Relax to help aid in sleep problems and stress.

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The product launch is in response to the increasing levels of stress and sleep problems that have arisen due to the current pandemic. The latest data from the American Psychological Association shows a spike in general stress levels in the U.S. population to the highest levels ever. In fact, 54% of Americans have stress-related insomnia as a result of the virus’s implications on parenting, finances, work, and other areas of daily life.

CBD, or cannibidiol, is an extraction from the cannabis plant and is known to have remedial qualities for many ailments.

The new Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD Relax oil is a fast-acting and long-lasting tincture that provides 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD per 30mL bottle. Just two ingredients–USDA-certified organic hemp and MCT oil–make it the highest quality, purest CBD oil available. Unflavored, it can be taken directly under the tongue on an as-needed basis to provide relaxing and restorative effects.

Relax oil can help deepen the quality of one’s sleep by decreasing cortisol levels in the body. It also reduces anxiety before sleep, thus improving the sleep itself. The oil also works for the body’s physical recovery as an alternative to pain medication for people who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for prolonged periods of time.

Those with kidney, stomach, and small intestine issues can use the Relax oil as an alternative to medication without having to worry about harmful side effects.

Relax stands out for its effectiveness, potency, and purity. No chemical additives or fillers are present in the product, and it is free of flavoring or coloring. Relax works not only on sleep-related disorders but also helps with nausea, headache, panic attacks, chronic and acute pain, and several other overall health issues.

Says a user of the oil, “I purchased a bottle of Relax in hopes that my problems staying asleep could be helped. I take a full dropper a few minutes before I go to bed and it’s had amazing effects and really helped me get through the night.”

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