San Fransisco CA Lake Weed Removal Environment Friendly Aquamog Service Launch

DK Environmental has launched environmentally friendly lake weed removal. It uses a fleet of amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment to eliminate invasive weeds from lakes.

DK Environmental, a 35 years old Northern Californian company that specializes in enhancing aquatic environments has launched Lake Weed Harvesting for the spring. They are recommending all lake and park managers contact them for an evaluation of their lakes before the hot summer months begin and the weeds get out of control.

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The launch of their Lake Weed Harvesting service this spring is designed to prevent West Nile and Zika Virus, prevent flooding and open up waters for recreation. They believe that it’s no fun trying to enjoy a lake that is choked with weeds and infested with mosquitoes. They specialize in making aquatic weed problems go away so boaters, swimmers and fishermen can enjoy the water.

The company has a full line amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment. Their experienced team can handle any type of weed issue that a lake owner may be facing. California’s lakes host many native and foreign types of invasive aquatic weeds but two of the worse are water primrose and parrot feather.

The company often uses a lake weed harvester called the Aquamog. It’s a vehicle that is cross between a small paddleboat and a backhoe. It ‘eats’ submerged and floating invasive plants. Invasive vegetation, if not removed can choke waterways and eliminate major food sources and habitats of native animals. Removing the invasive plants improves the health of a lake and enhances the views of the water.

DK Environmental use of the Aquamog is a more environmentally responsible that spraying poisonous herbicides and far more effective than attempting manual removal of weeds. The goal of their lake weed removal service is to remove 100 percent of the invasive weeds.

DK Environmental was honored to be able to use their equipment to restore San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park recently. The lake, known for great birdwatching, has long attracted water birds that take shelter on its small islands, including egrets, great blue herons, belted kingfishers and many types of ducks.

The launch of services this spring brings their experience to anyone responsible for the maintenance of a lake.

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