San Francisco Same-Day Syphilis STD Testing – Online Results Service Launched

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With recent studies pointing to an increase in the number of STDs as a result of lockdowns and quarantines, acting responsibly to maintain one’s sexual well-being is imperative. STD Check has announced an effective solution that can help individuals keep their health at optimal capacity.

The company has announced an expanded range of same-day sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing services for residents of San Francisco, California. The provider offers fast and confidential tests for curable and incurable infections at competitive prices.

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The updated service builds on STD Check’s goal of enabling individuals to take control over their sexual health, saving them the distress of traditional STD testing. After ordering a test through the website, individuals simply need to print the form and go to an STD Check site to take the test. The service does not require a preliminary appointment, and no documentation has to be filled out at the testing center.

The results are sent online directly to the client within 1-2 business days in complete confidentiality, which spares people time and the hassle of visiting a medical facility. STD Check also offers consultations by phone with dedicated health professionals, should the results turn positive, who can send the prescription to a selected pharmacy.

The provider runs a network of 4,500 testing locations nationwide, which are all CLIA-compliant. The sites offer testing services for all common STDs, including HIV, syphilis, Hepatitis A, B, and C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

The FDA-approved tests offer 99% accuracy, depending on the incubation period of the STD the patient is testing for.

For those fearing they might have been exposed to an STD but feeling uncertain which condition to test for, the company suggests using the STD Test recommender available on their website. In order to ensure that no disease will go undiscovered, clients are advised to make use of the 10-Test Panel, which delivers comprehensive results and eliminates the need to undergo further tests.

STD Check is the sole company offering a single test for all major infections passed from one person to another through sexual contact. The company also excels in being the only provider of hepatitis A tests as part of its panels.

A satisfied client said: “Very quick and easy. I went to the lab the same day and was in and out in 5 minutes. I received my results in 24 hours.”

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