San Francisco Quake City Wifi Analytics Lead Generation Service Launched

Quake City Wifi has announced the launch of a new service, allowing restaurant and retail store owners the chance to benefit from their free Wi-Fi. Owners can use the software to get analytics on their customers and social media contacts.

A new Wi-Fi service has launched that allows restaurants and retail stores to benefit from the internet they offer their customers. Called Quake City Wifi, it knows that most businesses offer free Wi-Fi, but rarely do they get anything out of it. The new technology launched by the company puts software into the business’s Wi-Fi modem which then in turn lets the owner collect the user’s social media connections through Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites. Using these details, the business owner can remarket their own services.

More information can be found on the Quake City Wi-Fi website at:

The site explains that for business owners, it’s important to offer clients and customers the best experience possible. By offering free Wi-Fi, businesses can increase customer loyalty by allowing them to access websites and apps on their mobile devices when they’re around a restaurant or store. This in turn can help to increase sales, but using Quake City Wifi, businesses can get a more direct benefit from the service.

Quake City Wifi turns a businesses Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine, helping the business owner to engage with their customers and their customers contact on social media. This can allow them to gain valuable marketing data, and better understand the customers and what they’re looking for when they visit. It can also allow the business to run contests, promotions and special offers to interact with customers near and far in real time.

The social powered Wi-Fi service offers automatic lead generation, and the Quake City Wifi team will create a custom landing page for each business that will be tailored to them to best reflect their needs. Business owners will be able to set bandwidth limits, and use the software to engage with customers on social media, as well as learn about who they are, how often they visit, making use of detailed analytics.

Full software details are provided on the Quake City Wifi site, where interested parties can also get in touch using the contact details provided.

Release ID: 131452