San Francisco Psychologist Offers Grief and Bereavement Counseling

Individuals in San Francisco coping with grief and loss have a new resource for help. Dr. Brac Selph and his colleagues at Selph Solutions offer grief and bereavement counseling for individuals and groups.

Individuals in San Francisco coping with grief have a resource for help. Dr. Brac Selph and his colleagues at Selph Solutions have recently started offering grief and loss counseling for individuals and groups at their Lower Pacific Heights and Downtown locations in San Francisco.

Millions of people struggle with the loss of a loved one and the process of grief. Selph Solutions helps people figure out how to deal with grief and guides them through the grieving process. The new grief therapy is based on a decade worth of clinical practice and research which has revealed cutting edge methods (many based on the age old truths contained in the world’s wisdom traditions) which allow clients to transform their difficult, painful grief and loss into rich, meaningful life experience.

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Selph Solutions’ grief counseling provides an environment where clients feel comfortable enough to explore their experience as they move through the grieving process. Many clients have reported relief as they work with a grief counselor who is supportive and non-judgmental as they teach them coping strategies for grief. At the core of the therapy, clients begin to understand the impact of the life, love and connection with the loved one. It is a deeply personal process that is unique to each individual.

When asked about how grief therapy and bereavement counseling can benefit individuals coping with death, Dr. Selph said, “Let’s face it. The reason we grieve is because we love. The more we love someone the more it hurts when we lose them. There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in understanding how we grieve and how to help people through their loss over the last decade. I have been on the cutting edge of this progress, teaching doctors and therapists at Stanford University, University of California, San Francisco, University of San Francisco and other universities. These new approaches can help you move on with your life. Your loved one will always be a part of you, but you can move on and live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life while still honoring the deep connection that is missing. In fact it is by working through our grief that we deepen our own wisdom about life”

Grief recovery is offered in two distinct formats at Selph Solutions: individual therapy and group grief counseling. Each has their benefits, and clients can choose what works best for them.

Those interested in learning more about working with Dr. Selph and the other qualified therapists at Selph Solutions to get help for dealing with grief and grief support can do so on the Selph Solutions website at:

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