San Francisco Private Freestyle Swimming Coaching For Beginners: 2023 Update

SWIMVICE has updated its coaching services, offering private, in-person swimming lessons for avid swimmers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With the new private coaching service, beginners can improve on specific focus areas to help them swim more efficiently.

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Swimmers living in the San Francisco area can polish their breath control, style, and technique with the help of this new service. Accompanying the in-person lessons are on-demand swimming resources that can be accessed from any digital device.

"Improving your swimming starts with mastering your technique," said Mandy Bradley, owner and operator at SWIMVICE. "You don’t need to be an advanced swimmer to start, because this platform is specifically designed to work for your skill level and your pace of learning."

Customers can schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with Coach Mandy to determine their goals and requirements for the program. Following the consultation, a private instructor creates a tailored swimming training plan to help them improve their swimming skill.

Swimmers are given access to digital video courses with personalized plans to help them improve their swimming skills and technique. With access to over 100 pieces of content, including video demos, drills, and progressions, avid swimmers can learn to swim efficiently and effectively.

The coaching covers tips on improving breathing, body position, kick timing, and the stroke cycle that can be mastered regardless of the individual's skill level. By joining the SWIMVICE community, customers can connect and engage with other swimmers across the world, and get access to multiple digital video courses to support their swim training.


Founded as an online meeting place and training platform for swimming, SWIMVICE helps swimmers and triathletes improve their technique and skills. It is led by Mandy Bradley, a UCFS Masters head swimming coach, and for the past four years, the company has continued to offer swimming education, allowing swimmers all over the world to realize their swimming and fitness goals.

A spokesperson for the company said: "Everyone’s journey is different, we are here to help make the destination possible. We provide an open platform where swimmers can share their experiences to help themselves and others improve."

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