San Francisco Performance Monitoring Platform Provider APM Rental Plans Released

San Francisco performance monitoring platform provider Germain Software has released rental pricing for its proprietary APM platform. The 24x7 monitoring, analytics & automation platform is priced on the volume of monitoring, analytics & automation customers need from germain APM wrt User, Process & Technology performance.

San Francisco performance monitoring platform provider Germain Software announced the release of its Application Performance Monitoring (APM) rental plans. The company reported the platform’s effectiveness at streamlining and optimizing performance for companies across industry sectors.

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The company announced that Germain APM rental plans are available to any scale of operations and range from $29 to $5,000 per month. The platform delivers onsite or cloud-based 24×7 real-time monitoring for applications, code execution, application environments, networks, databases, user interactions, business processes, SQL, operating systems and other elements of a client’s IT infrastructure. The platform also offers visual and data-driven root cause analysis and deviation from best practice to help businesses improve technology and business efficiency.

Germain APM analyzes the impact of existing technologies and IT system performance and their effect on customer, prospect, employee, and end user experience. As a result, enterprises have access to real-time, actionable opportunities for improvement in people, process, and technology systems. The APM can be configured to the specific architecture and needs of a business, drawing information from any type of data source including browser sessions, web servers, operating systems, and networks.

The platform can also be customized to organization-specific KPIs and SLAs, with bespoke dashboard support, and proactive monitoring. The out-of-the-box APM platform is available as a free trial and in seven-tiered service modules with flexible upgrade and downgrade options.

According to a spokesperson for Germain Software, “Large enterprises often face the seemingly insurmountable challenge of understanding their end-user experience and the performance of their own IT platforms. Our platform has helped American Airlines, GE, eBay, Pepsi, United Healthcare, Volvo and other companies monitor, collect, analyze, and make informed decisions about their business based on a unified performance view of their UX, CX, PX, IT and business systems.”

germain APM is a niche performance monitoring, analytics and automation technology plaftform, built by Germain Software, company headquartered in San Francisco providing pan-industry software solutions that help organizations understand user experience and the performance of IT applications, business platforms, underlying technologies, and support systems. More information is available at the URL above.

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