San Francisco California Top Buyers Agent Highly Recommends Short Term Rentals

Buyer Agent Search Top Buyer Agent in San Francisco CA shares her expert take on how homebuyers should consider short term rentals during the home buying process.

San Francisco, CA- Kathleen Chiras owner/CEO of Buyer Agent Search recently conducted an exclusive interview with one of Buyer Agent Search Network’s Top Buyer Agents in San Francisco, and published it on the association’s Youtube channel.

During her interview, Cheryl identified some of the biggest challenges for her clients, one of which is affordability. The full summary of the article, and a link to the interview video may be found here:

In the interview, Cheryl states: “The median price for both counties of San Mateo and San Francisco for a single-family home is about $1.6M. Most people have sticker shock when they move out here from other parts of the country. Because we do have some of the most expensive real estates. And the biggest challenge I see for our buyers getting into our market is the price as well as the amount of downpayment. I know how hard it can be to save up 10 or 20% down to get into a property.”

Cheryl has been in the real estate business for 15 years and has acquired certifications such as the Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR). Her experience and many certifications make her effective in her role as a buyers agent. An ABR is committed to serving and protecting the best interests of buyers in real estate transactions.

Cheryl highly recommends that potential home buyers consider doing short term rentals first prior to making a home purchase. She further explained that renting can be part of the home buying process for the following reasons: 1. Renting will help buyers get acclimated to the area. Short term rentals provide the opportunity to be familiar with the neighborhoods and the people in it. 2. Renting first allows buyers do careful research. Renting gives ample time to work on making acceptable offers.

It is estimated that 65% of people living in San Francisco are renters. That means only 35% own their spaces. San Francisco has a small pool of available real estate properties on the market. Cheryl’s interview gives an example of how one couple purchased a property as a primary residence while also considering use of part of it as rental property. More and more people are augmenting their income with short term rentals.

Home buyers are encouraged to weigh the benefits of living in San Francisco verses the expense of living there. The interview series asks top agents across the country to address 1) Employment/ Career Opportunities. 2.) Culture and Social Life. and 3.) Selection of Great Schools and Universities. The report and video explain that preparation and timing are especially important factors in areas of high demand such as San Francisco.

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