San Francisco CA Buyers Agent Report Released on Zillow Investment Properties

Know the latest market conditions of San Francisco, California and strategies in purchasing home in a competitive market. Report includes median prices in various neighborhoods.

Skyfor’s top buyers agent for San Francisco, CA interprets new data released by Zillow that will help investors and home buyers determine the direction of that market, and strategies for buying. The report examines the current median price of homes in San Francisco, California. The figures show that as of August 2018, the median home value in San Francisco is $1,349,400. This price has gone up 7.0% over the past year. It is also predicted that it may rise 6.2% within the next year.

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The summary discussed the three factors that consumers need to keep in mind to acquire a home .First on the list is the competition with all-cash buyers. As the number of all-cash buyers in the market continues to grow, consumers that need financing experience a harder time closing on homes. It is important for the consumers to disclose all financial information and work with the best lender to process the transactions briskly before writing an offer.

A top San Francisco buyer’s agent in Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Service, Cheryl Bower, shared one of her strategies to compete with all-cash buyers. A top strategy is to provide the seller an introductory letter from the consumer that includes their photo, a pre-approved loan letter, and their purpose in purchasing the house. This will give sellers background knowledge about the buyer, their interests, and their commitment to the purchase.

Bower also emphasizes the significance of having strong financial indicating a clear ability to buy in the offer. This is particularly important in a strong seller’s market such as exists in San Francisco where the available inventory is historically low. She stated that a fully pre-approved and pre-qualified letter from the lender is a strong affirmation of the consumer’s financial capabilities. She also suggested that in many cases a complete removal of contingencies is necessary in multiple-offer situations so her client’s offer will stand out from the others.

Consumers can have a much higher probability of closing on a home by hiring the best local agent. A top real estate buyers agent who keeps a daily watch on the market. A lot of changes may occur within a month or two with regards to price trends and available inventory. The report stresses that top local agents who are updated on the current market conditions is a necessity. Bowerm who services Belmont, Bernal Heights, Burlingame, Daly City, Dog Patch, Glen Park, Hayes Valley, Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, Hillsborough, Redwood City, Parkside, Potrero Hill, Richmond, San Francisco, San Mateo, San Carlos, SOMA, and Sunnyside, shares some of her best strategies in the report. Bower’s experience of being an agent since 2005 is clearly evident in her strategic insights into the San Francisco real estate market.

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