San Francisco Aquatic Vegetation Removal Lake Flood Control Services Expanded

The aquatic weed removal services offered by DK Environmental have been expanded to include flood risk mitigation through the unblocking of water channels.

DK Environmental, a company specializing in the removal of aquatic weeds and vegetation from large bodies of water, has expanded its services. The newly updated offerings help to protect aquatic environments from flooding and facilitate in addressing mosquito infestations.

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The updated range of services come in response to the increasing dangers posed by flooding in the US.

On average, the cost of damages caused by flooding in the United States amounts to $8 billion dollars per year. Approximately 17% of all urban land across the US is considered to be in a high-risk flood zone, with homeowners in such regions expected to have a 25% chance of flooding during the course of a 30-year mortgage.

The services available from DK Environmental include anti-flooding and flood control measures, which entail unclogging blocked channels and creating open water. This allows for the proper flow of storm water.

Aquatic vegetation removal, as offered by DK Environmental, also provides a means of addressing the dangers associated with mosquitos. The company’s service allows for better water access to deal with the insects and the viruses with which they are associated.

The open water which results from the weed removal process also allows for more enjoyable recreation and exercise within an aquatic setting.

The company makes use of both small and large-scale amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment in order to remove weeds including bulrush and cattail. The machines are capable of vegetation removal and harvesting in large lake environments.

DK Environmental has over 35 years experience in enhancing aquatic environments. In addition to the removal of a variety of specific forms of lake and pond vegetation, the company also undertakes projects including sediment removal, dredging, and wetland construction.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our updated service options demonstrate how committed we are to providing clients with open, clear, and safe aquatic environments.”

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