San Diego No-Collateral & Fast Release Bail Bonds Payment Plans Launched

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San Diego based Remedy Bail Bonds has expanded operations while California Supreme Court decision reduces accountability for crime and threatens public safety

Remedy Bail Bonds of San Diego have expanded operations providing no-collateral bail bonds and flexible repayment plans to clients across California. The company specializes in returning their clients home to their friends and families swiftly and securely by arranging flexible payment plans.

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As a family-oriented company, Remedy Bail Bonds have been providing high-quality advice and support through their experienced team of licensed bail agents for many years. This recent expansion comes at a time of some uncertainty for the industry, as a California Supreme Court decision rules to alleviate bail conditions for some individuals awaiting trial.

The decision has been hailed as a victory by some legal rights advocates, but others have been more critical of the ruling on the basis that it reduces accountability for crime and threatens public safety by allowing criminals back onto the streets without sufficient protections for victims or witnesses, or any reasonable assurance that the accused will return for trial.

Louis Turco, a senior figure of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association in New York, claimed that, in 2020, recent violence by demonstrators resulted partly from a similar law introduced the previous year. Further evidence as to the negative impact of these law changes can be seen in the March 2020 NY jail population figures, which showed a reduction of approximately 5,000 individuals since late 2019, following the passing of this new law by lawmakers.

The impacts of similar changes to bail regulation in California, and any uncertainty of legal decision-making at the county level which might arise from this recent ruling, are yet to be measured. However, the bail industry remains ready to support their clients, evident with Remedy Bail Bonds’ recent expansion in the San Diego area.

Remedy Bail Bonds have worked with families for years providing compassionate and expert advice during times of great difficulty for their clients. Their breadth of experience in the field enables them to provide tailored payment plans that are flexible and affordable according to the individual’s needs.

Since 2004, Remedy Bail Bonds has been California’s leading provider of confidential bail bondsman services. The agency offers services to English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients and their families.

The top-rated licensed bail bonds agency serves customers across Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Victorville, and Banning. The agency is licensed to post bail in all jails across all counties of California. Despite the pandemic, they remain open 24/7 and in most cases, all documentation can be handled remotely through DocuSign.

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