San Diego Female Entrepreneur High Performer – Personal Growth Coaching Launched

A San Diego women in business empowerment & personal growth program launched for corporate wellness. Dani Apgar Lens of Love strives to help more females and entrepreneurs achieve their personal/business goals.

A high-performance coaching and personal development program has been launched in San Diego, CA. It’s run by experienced specialist Dani Apgar, who is accepting clients in her hometown and will utilize 20 years of human behavior and technology experience to drive the best results for clients.

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Dani has two decades of experience in the digital marketing, AI and SaaS industries and has worked across a broad range of clients including eBay, Microsoft and others. Now her newly updated coaching service will enable high performers to achieve their growth goals.

Lens of Love provides in-depth coaching and mentoring to empower more people to achieve their dreams. The service is especially beneficial following the impact of the pandemic, where so many businesses have been affected.

The team has a special focus on women over 38 who have experienced decoupling following at least 10 years together. Specialist services will give women the grounding they need to re-establish themselves and pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Dani also works with women from a diverse range of backgrounds and all age ranges. Her primary goal is to give women the tools, strategies and mindset they need to thrive and overcome the challenges of today’s landscape.

Dani Apgar is a certified High-Performance Coach, joining just 1,100 others across 60 countries around the world. Her programs are research and science based, and have been proven by numerous case studies.

Data shows that women are almost half as likely to run their own business as men, with only 6.2% worldwide owning an established company compared to 10% of men.

Through taking part in individualized personal growth coaching, clients can learn to better themselves, develop the strength they need to succeed, and attain a life of abundance.

The latest coaching program is part of Ms. Apgar’s focus on helping people to achieve more both personal and professional growth.

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch to set up their first call, or attend a webinar to find out more.

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