San Diego Dog Hiking Company Launches Fiesta Island Dog Adventure

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San Diego dog hiking services announced the launch of its walking and pet excursion to Dog Beach and the Fiesta Island off-leash dog park. The service provides a 1.5-hour period of exercise and relaxation with water and dog treats for up to 3 dogs.

San Diego dog hiking service provider Play More Bark Less announced the launch of its Dog Beach adventure and a Fiesta Island Park excursion. The service promises dogs an activity-filled adventure on the beach assisted by professional dog walkers.

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Professional dog wellness services in the city of San Diego provide a wide range of walking and canine activity services. Like humans, dogs benefit from changes to their diet and exercise routine. Play More Bark Less offers dog walking and activity services with a holistic philosophy that incorporates new locations and unconventional dog activities that help improve a pet’s physical conditioning and behavioral disposition.

The new Fiesta Island Dog adventure allows customers to choose a beach adventure or an excursion to the Fiesta Island Park, a designated dog-friendly zone. The island is one of the few “free zones” for dogs, permitting them to roam within and outside fenced areas. The 1.5-hour tour by Play More Bark Less includes treats and water, with a 3-dog limit on each tour.

According to a spokesperson for Play More Bark Less, “We appreciate the need for a fun-filled activity for dogs and the Fiesta Island Park and Dog Beach offer a healthy outdoor environment where a dog’s natural energy can be expended under the supervision of our expert staff.”

Play More Bark Less requires a mandatory behavior screening of all pets before being taken to the Fiesta Island off-leash dog park.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Play More Bark Less is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured dog walking and wellness service provider. The company offers a wide range of pet activity services including solo and group walks, pack hikes, boarding and in-home pet sitting, and surfing experiences. More information is available at the URL above.

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