San Diego CA Certified Probate Sale Realtor – Real Estate Services Updated

San Diego realtor Kevin McClenahan (858-284-7778) has updated his service as a San Diego Certified Probate Real Estate Advisor (CPREA) to help individuals settle the estate in probate of a loved one.

For people in Southern California who do not want to deal with the challenging process involved in settling probate but instead want a professional who can make things easier by taking care of all the details, this updated service may be the answer.

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Kevin McClenahan is a Local Realtor here in Southern California. He knows how difficult California’s notoriously slow and expensive Probate process can be. The burdens and responsibilities of settling the estate of a loved one can be overwhelming. The good news is that he can help in several ways. These include Conventional sale of the properties, As is sale to an Investor. Fix and Sell, Rental of the property, or simply necessary maintenance.

Whether or not you have decided what you would like to do with the property, some maintenance is almost always needed. It can be something minor such as lawn care and pest control or something that requires more time and resources such as plumbing, roofing, or structural repairs. He has a solid network of reputable service providers who will treat you with professionalism and respect.

Even if you are not sure about the next steps, please feel free to text or call him at (858.284.7778). He is willing and ready to answer any questions you are sure to have. He works with families, executors, and administrators in San Diego County, Orange County, as well as bordering Southern California counties.

Even when the documentation and payment of outstanding debts to creditors seem to go well, heirs may dispute the value of the estate or challenge the validity of the will. If there are many beneficiaries, the process can be even slower.

Kevin claims, “Experience shows, selling the home is typically the largest and most important job to complete and involves many considerations including a delayed timeline while waiting for permission from the Probate court to sell the home. Personal items in the home need to be distributed per the will. The utilities and the yard need to continue being paid and cared for until a sale is made.

McClenahan has been through the process many times, both for himself and for families who understood the benefits of having a professional look after their interests.

Dealing with many service providers can be emotionally draining. Kevin has nurtured relationships with cleaning services, estate sale services, appraisal reports, investors, attorneys, accountants, and more, which can be especially helpful for individuals who do not live in the nearby area. All of these relationships are with service providers who run their businesses at a very high level, with great service and communication skills.

A native of San Diego, Kevin McClenahan is a Realtor, a Certified Probate Real Estate Advisor, a member of the National Association of Realtors, and a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC). He pledges to do all necessary work with his client’s best interests in mind.

He states, “It is my goal that my clients be happy with the high level of service and results that they get and that they would recommend me to others that might need my help. Bottom line – I am going to get the job done properly for you and not let you down.”

Interested parties can call or text 858-284-7778 or visit for more information

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