San Diego CA ADD, ADHD And Sleep Problems Apnea In Children New Report Launched

A newly launched report says there is a link between poor quality sleep and ADHD in children. Nexisom Sleep Wellness Centers says it can help parents effectively treat misdiagnosed symptoms.

A new report has been launched looking at the link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and breathing issues. The Report from Nexisom Sleep Wellness Centers says Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and ADHD could be signs of a bigger problem.

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The newly launched report highlights a study whereby 11,000 children were examined to monitor the impact of sleep development. Dr Karen Bonuk found there was a link between interrupted sleep due to snoring, mouth breathing, and other physiological factors and ADHD-like symptoms in children.

Aside from potentially being misdiagnosed or taking costly medication unnecessarily, the report explains that children who have poor-quality sleep live poor-quality days. This can lead to issues fitting in at school, problems concentrating, learning, and they may be disruptive. The breakthrough study has led to children being properly monitored to establish if they genuinely have ADHD or poor sleep issues.

If a child’s ADD/ADHD is caused by a sleep-related issue, the team at Nexisom Sleep Well Centers can help to solve it. They say the underlying problem should be effectively treated rather than simply treating the symptoms. By working with Dr Robert Schaffer parents can potentially solve their child’s behavioral issues.

The team use a combination of the latest technologies and tools to create a custom solution for each child’s specific airway issue. Parents can expect to see results within weeks and generally the condition can be completely overcome within twelve to eighteen months. There are no pills, no side effects, and no behavioral therapy is required.

A company spokesperson said: “ADD and ADHD impact families every day and they face challenges lots of other families do not. From impulsive behavior, angry outbursts, and defiance. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of stress and frustration for both children and their parents.”

“At Nexisom Sleep Wellness Centers our solution actually solves the underlying problem unlike behavioral or medicinal treatments. Do not procrastinate getting your loved one checked out, fill out our online assessment to see if the problem is related to their airways and sleep,” they added.

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