San Diego Business Booster Site Launches CNN Style Video Marketing Campaign

A marketing company in San Diego has announced the launch of a new CNN style video service that can help companies get their message across in a professional way, establishing them as a leading name in their field and drive more traffic to their site.

An online digital marketing agency has announced the launch of a new CNN style video interview service that can help businesses to increase brand awareness and boost conversion. By leveraging the power and authority of a news update style, it can express a message in a non-sales manner and appeal to more people. Through this method of digital advertising, customers can establish themselves as experts in their field and attract more business locally and globally.

More information can be found on the official Business eBoost website at:

Business eBoost explains how video marketing is the most powerful tool in an online business’s box, because it is increasingly popular among customers. YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, and by creating videos to get a message across, a business can reach far more people than it would otherwise be able to. Videos are also more likely to get shared by viewers, helping to spread the word of a client’s project or website and direct more traffic.

Anyone tempted to try using video marketing in this way but is worried about what to say can rest safe in the knowledge that Business eBoost can write a script for them, helping to highlight the best part of their business in an entertaining, informative way. The company will have a spokesperson to do opening and closing statements, and hire the videographer, makeup artist, teleprompter, lighting equipment and the entire studio production set.

Business eBoost explains that video marketing in a CNN style is ideal for any business that deals with customers, whether it’s dental practices, landscapers or attorneys. Every time Business eBoost creates one of these videos, they optimize it and syndicate it across multiple online platforms so that it stands the best chance of ranking and getting viewed. This means that every client’s experience will be unique to them and their company. Anyone interested in creating a video tailored specifically to their business simply has to contact the company through the website to arrange a consultation.

Clients can contact the team at Business eBoost throughout the day with queries or concerns about any stage of the process. They can do this through a contact form on the site, email, or by calling +18588361763. The man behind the CNN style video marketing project is Jaime Ojeda, and people can find out more about him by watching a video that was designed in this style for him:

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