San Carlos CA Gut Immune System Dietitian and Nutritionist Services Launched

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Chiropractor and dietitian Dr. Christopher M. Colgin released an update to his health and wellness program to provide gut health information and relief to patients in the San Carlos CA area.

Chiropractor Dr. Christopher M. Colgin released an update to his health and wellness program to provide relief to patients suffering from gut discomfort and leaky gut syndrome. With over 24 years of experience serving as a Chiropractor in San Carlos, CA County, his treatments have changed the lives of over 5000 people.

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The recently updated services offer his patients guidance to improve their overall gut health and wellness. Additionally, patients will be provided with individually designed nutrition plans to reduce stomach discomfort and repair their gut microbiome by improving immune system. Dr. Colgin provides his patients with science-based nutrition, functional wellness, pain relief, and all-natural doctor-supervised health programs.

Due to genetic predisposition or diet factors, individuals may develop Leaky Gut syndrome. This syndrome occurs when large cracks or holes appear in a human’s gut lining, allowing for partially digested food particles and bacteria to penetrate the tissues below it. When this occurs, an individual may develop symptoms including but not limited to gas, bloating, cramps, inflammation, and diarrhea. Dr. Christopher M. Colgin aims to teach, inspire, and help others achieve a life of optimal health and wellness using all-natural and organic means.

Colgin’s program aims to repair the gut microbiome, improve individuals’ immune system, and reduce intestinal inflammation and other digestive issues.

He creates 100% personalized digestive diet plans that are tailored to meet patients’ individual needs. Furthermore, Dr. Colgin provides patients nutritional testing to determine what foods work best to ease their stomach discomfort. He is available for one-on-one sessions, both online or through remote Zoom calls.

This latest service launch is in line with the practice’s commitment to providing high-quality health solutions for patients in San Carlos and other surrounding areas. For more information, please click here

A spokesperson for the company said: “Dr. Colgin has been serving San Mateo and helping his patients not only treat the symptoms of what’s commonly called “Leaky Gut” but also treating the root cause of what causes his patients’ discomfort. He takes pride in helping and educating his patients on how the body works and what the best course of action is to treat the root cause of Leaky Gut.”

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