San Bernardino CA Bifacial Solar Panel System Installation Services Launched

A newly updated solar panel installation service has been launched by Option One Solar (+1-855-502-6363) in the High Desert. They provide bifacial installations for increased energy efficiency.

Option One Solar has launched an updated service for residential customers throughout the High Desert in California. Through an ongoing focus on the latest solar panel technology, they are offering cutting-edge bifacial installations for increased energy efficiency.

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The newly updated service ensures that more customers can benefit from the latest solar panel technology developments in their homes. While traditional panels generate energy from one side of the installation, bifacial solar modules can produce energy from both sides.

This provides a range of benefits for homeowners. Because power is generated more easily from a bifacial setup, it leads to increased energy production, allowing customers to get more ROI from their system.

Furthermore, bifacial panels are more durable, because both sides of the installation are UV resistant. Customers can therefore expect their panels to last longer, giving them access to more affordable renewable energy for years into the future.

With bifacial panels, customers can have their system installed against a highly reflective surface. Through doing this, they can enjoy an increase in production of around 30% according to the latest studies.

Other advantages to a bifacial installation include less space used and fewer panels required for reliable solar energy output. Option One Solar explain that they are also more versatile in bad weather, and allow for a more flexible energy production solution.

Option One Solar pride themselves on helping customers throughout the High Desert to reduce their energy bills with cutting-edge solar panel installation. Their process begins with a consultation, and this forms the foundation for a fully unique system design that can cater to each customers’ needs.

Customers get added peace of mind from the fact that Option One Solar only uses tier 1, high-performing panels. This provides the maximum output and ensures that customers have a setup they can rely on.

A spokesperson for the company states: “There are several residential solar installation options to choose from in the High Desert and San Bernardino County areas. Our experienced team at Option One Solar is committed to making the switch to solar as simple as possible for our customers.”

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