San Antonio TX Multiple Sclerosis Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Launched

Trinity Stem Cells (+1 (956) 267-1586) has launched their new course of treatment tailored to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, available at their Monterrey, Mexico facility.

The new treatment option focuses on patients who are experiencing degenerative disease due to genetic factors or degeneration due to acute injury. The therapy utilizes state-of-the-art stem cell research to help rebuild damaged cells and revitalize tissue.

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The new therapy is designed to treat a wide range of severe disorders and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and MS, but has many other applications as well. This treatment has shown promising results, and is likely in most cases to help restore cell function in damaged tissue.

Stem cell therapy has recently exploded in popularity after a series of clinical successes showed high effectiveness in many formerly difficult-to-treat scenarios. Most recently, a report was published which confirmed the therapy may be effective at combating HIV, making it one of the most versatile therapy options on the market.

The power of this treatment can be leveraged against the symptoms of MS, reducing inflammation while also helping to rebuild damaged neural tissue. This method can also encourage existing cells to self-repair by stimulating the surrounding tissue.

The Monterrey facility is located in the heart of the AVE medical center and is accepting patients from anywhere in the US. Travel to receive this course of treatment is considered essential, and only a US passport is required to cross the border.

Potential patients can schedule a consultation by calling (956) 267-1586, during which treatment options will be explored.

The highly accredited doctors at Trinity Stem Cells have devoted their lives to exploring the many ways in which ethical stem cell therapy can be used to repair the human body. They are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of care to their patients.

One patient had this to say following treatment, “Thanks to Trinity, in three days after my stem cell treatment my glucose readings are the lowest since being diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. I’m certain – absolutely certain – trinity stem cell treatment will add years to my life and most importantly, add quality of life.”

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