San Antonio TX Interactive Video Ads – Digital Agency Expert Services Launched

San Antonio, Texas-based Dr. David Digital Agency has just updated its video creation offering. It produces interactive videos that can engage and convert otherwise passive prospects.

Dr. David Digital Agency, a digital marketing expert based in San Antonio, Texas, announces the launch of its updated video creation service. The firm specializes in creating high-impact videos that generate leads and boost sales.

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Such videos use advanced marketing techniques to convert passive or on-the-fence prospects. With this service, businesses can improve their brand visibility while dramatically reducing marketing spend.

According to industry projections, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming or downloads by 2022. Given this media format’s ubiquity, about 60% of all businesses now use some form of video ads to promote their goods and services.

With the sheer number of content being produced today, however, breaking through and connecting with potential customers has become harder. By introducing interactivity into the equation, brands have a better chance of catching consumers’ eyes and engaging with them.

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Rather than passively watching an ad, people are able to direct their viewing experience. For example, an interactive video can be used to showcase different products or services, and clicking a given option provides further information.

They are also an effective way to demonstrate a product’s functions and capabilities, which allows people to better appreciate its benefits. It can be used for instructional materials as well, thus creating a self-guided and self-paced learning experience.

Dr. David Digital Agency provides end-to-end services, from conceptualization to production. It employs a data-driven and results-oriented approach to marketing, with an emphasis on markedly improving a client’s bottom line.

A leading marketing firm, the agency helps businesses pivot to the digital age. It has a roster of over 300 clients across 24 product categories and has successfully launched close to 200 campaigns.

A spokesperson says: “Our team of experts analyzes your brand to identify content that will attract your target market. Our aim is to give you a market advantage by positioning you as an industry leader. This philosophy is best summarized as You. Everywhere. Always.”

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