San Antonio Ketamine Infusion Therapy Depression Treatment Service Launched

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Ascend Ketamine has launched an expanded service by opening a clinic in San Antonio, Texas. The ketamine infusion therapy specialists help patients to overcome depression and other psychiatric issues.

Ascend Ketamine has launched its expanded services from Houston into San Antonio to ensure that more patients can benefit from high quality and affordable treatments. Ascend Ketamine is known for its affordable approach to ketamine infusion therapy, which is an effective treatment for depression and other issues.

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The site explains that Ascend Ketamine is San Antonio’s most affordable provider for ketamine infusion therapy. The team helps to bring hope to thousands of individuals suffering from severe depression, bipolar, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders.

In the past, ketamine infusion has been expensive and out of reach to many patients. However the focus of Ascend Ketamine is to make it more affordable, and the new service expansion brings the treatment to a wider audience.

The team at Ascend Ketamine now provides ketamine therapy and integrative medicine for patients throughout San Antonio. Interested parties can book a free consultation to find out more about the therapy and treatments available.

Ascend Ketamine explains that studies show ketamine can improve depressive symptoms by up to 70%. This was one of the reasons it was chosen as one of the most exciting medical innovations of 2017.

Now more patients are trying ketamine infusion and seeing the benefits that it can bring. As part of the new service expansion, more patients can see these benefits, and get state of the art monitoring and equipment through Ascend Ketamine.

Ascend Ketamine can offer ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. Treatments are administered by highly trained emergency physicians, and patients benefit from compassionate, patient-focused care.

Ascend Ketamine states: “Our experienced team of emergency physicians and hospice doctors have more than 70 years combined experience in working with ketamine. As such, we offer our clients high quality and the most affordable ketamine infusions in the San Antonio and San Antonio area.”

Full details of the San Antonio clinic and services provided can be found on the URL above.

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