Saltillo Tile Restoration Case Study Released By Orlando Stone Works

Orlando Stone Work delivers on their 17 years in the business to provide the absolute best processes to ensure our clients are proud of their stone flooring and other surfaces year round.

Orlando Stone Works has taken great pride in serving its clients in Central Florida for over 17 years. Carl Maddock, the owner has encountered a wide variety of issues with Saltillo, Mexican and Terracotta tile.

While interviewing Carl, he cited one of the reoccurring problems that crept up, was clients not actually knowing what type of tile they have. As with many things, opinions vary. The big box home improvement stores are not going to have authentic clay tiles. Saltillo tiles are produced exclusively in the town of Saltillo, Mexico.

Mr. Maddock commented having toured a facility that produces these Saltillo tiles; the process is amazing. As can be expected, Saltillo tiles are shaped by hand from naturally occurring clay in Saltillo, Mexico. They are dried in the sun and they are later fired in a kiln. In comparison, Terracotta meaning “burnt earth” in Italian, typically will refer to any sort of natural clay formed into tiles, dried, then fired in a kiln.

Based on Carl’s guide while in Saltillo, Mexico he was told Terracotta tiles are mostly made in one of two ways: extruded (machine made) or hand made. It was made abundantly clear either method will serve a client well providing the material is properly installed and the potential client has been educated as to the unique requirements in caring for it.

In the States, having the typical high gloss finish on the Saltillo tile is commonplace, Carl mentioned. Carl has observed many homeowners are not educated on the care or any scheduled maintenance. Many clients are of the mistaken opinion these tile floors can merely be cleaned and resealed. Moreover, Orlando Stone Works has observed many clients being duped into believing this and having their Saltillo floors made even worse.

When Saltillo, Terracotta or Mexican tiles become soiled, it requires stripping the sealer off, then cleaning the tiles. This is followed by resealing. The labor and corresponding expense required in stripping these tiles is costly. The chemicals and sealer are caustic. Orlando Stone Works Saltillo cleaning, sealing and restoration process will restore the ambiance to any southwestern flavor home or business.

Mr. Maddox stated emphatically that he strives to get all his clients to understand some very basic maintenance procedures to extend the life of their Saltillo floors. To keep the floor looking like new, Carl strongly recommends with most clients a yearly maintenance process. He had cited dozens of clients that have actually saved money with this process and kept their Saltillo floors looking like new year after year. Now that’s a bonus anyone would be happy to experience.

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